It begins with a Walk

 The perception of TANGO for most people comes from the images they’ve seen in the movies. Perhaps, you’ve seen the ballroom forms (American and International) in competitions. These forms have their roots in Argentine tango, but began evolving independently in Europe over 70 years ago. Much of the Argentine tango you see on stage and television today has fast flying feet, lifts and stunts. This is a highly stylized form of Argentine tango called Stage Tango or Tango Fantasia. These performances are choreographed and performed by professionally trained dancers who’ve studied for many years beginning as children.

What we teach.  We teach the social form of Argentine tango.  This is one of the most beautiful and romantic of all dances as it embraces the joy of two people in a gentle embrace moving as one with the music. Because it transcends ages and cultures, Argentine tango is popular all over the world.  You can go nearly anywhere in the world and find a Milonga (a place to dance tango) almost any night of the week.

It begins with a walk.  Our classes start by teaching you the backbone of tango, the embrace, posture and balance needed to lead and execute the tango walk. We then help you build a vocabulary of movement, one technique building on the previous to give you the tools and confidence to start you on this marvelous journey that will eventually lead you to being able to dance with someone you have met for the very first time and find “the connection.”

Partners?  You don’t need a partner for these classes. If you have someone who would like to join you, bring him/her and enjoy learning together or come on your own and make new friends.

For the first class, wear casual, comfortable clothing and leather soled shoes.  Shoes for ladies should have a low heel with flexible soles.  Slides, clogs and platform shoes make for an additional challenge, so please avoid wearing these.  For a milonga, add a little sparkle to your attire.

Beginning Fundamentals is a series of six classes that takes you through all the basics, while concentrating on the balance and technique needed to build your tango vocabulary of steps. This series is purchased as a discounted package and runs for six weeks on Thursday nights from 7:00-8:00PM.

Building on Fundamentals are classes that build on what you have learned in Beginning Fundamentals and can be taken individually. They take place on Thursday nights from 8:00 to 9:00 PM.

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